InstructorNehal Shah
TypeOnline Course
DateNov 9, 2020
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With a fundamental understanding of each design discipline, and how these come together – we can begin blueprinting our Experiencescapes and coordinating design units

Who is it for?

Whether you’re new to UX, an existing CX professional or even if you’re leading multi-disciplined teams within your organisation – this course was created to give you the know-how to make better-informed decisions, create experiences within a larger enterprise ecosystem, and to work within various design disciplines, knowing exactly when to pull expertise in from each discipline to deliver on your users expectations.

Study Format

  • Online, self-paced, self-study e-learning course to provide optimum flexibility to study and develop in your own time
  • Can be completed in as little as 3 days
  • Upon completion of the course, purchase and complete the online APMG exam
  • Receive a digital completion badge from APMG International for every module completed as well as on passing the exam
  • Become a member of Common Ground; a global community of Experience Design practitioners

Key things you will learn:

  • Foundation of a human-centred design process
  • Understanding of XD as a niche design discipline
  • Practice of process, techniques & artefacts of creating & deploying Experiencescapes
  • Practical understanding of where & how UX, CX, SD & DT come together
  • Enhanced skills in cross-disciplinary design methods & techniques

How to pay

You can directly online here via the APMG International website

Course Structure

Section 1Essentials
Lecture 1Experience -> Memories -> Future Action
Lecture 2Why Memories Matter: Part 1 – The Memory of Experiences
Lecture 3Why Memories Matter: Part 2 – Prioritizing Moments, Memories & Experiences
Lecture 4Why Memories Matter: Part 3 – Memory Shaping, Choices & Decision-making
Section 2Methods
Lecture 5Navigating the experience journey (Recap)
Lecture 6Carbon 6 & the Networked Process (Recap)
Lecture 7The Experience Inception – (Intro to process & fundamental concepts)
Lecture 8Touchpoint Blueprinting (Method, Techniques, Artefacts)
Lecture 9Demonstrating Experience (Method, Techniques, Artefacts)
Lecture 10Cross-Functional Roadmapping (Method, Techniques, Artefacts)
Section 3Toolbox